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The Future of Millennials in the Workplace

By Muna Adil

The millennial generation is shaking up the world, and the workplace is no different.

Ahead of our cover story in our launch issue (which is all about the unique ways in which millennials are tweaking work culture), here are 6 stats that will change the way you see the future!

untitled-infographic (3)11.png

How do you think millennials are changing the global dialogue?

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Millennials Lead the Way at #CameronResign Protest

By Hannah Anstee

After the recent expose of The Panama Papers it seems the UK population are sick of the current Tory government and no more so than Millennials.

We attended the Cameron Resign Protest in London on Saturday and were surprised by the amount of younger people we saw leading the way.

Bafta award winner Joylon Rubinstein was at the forefront of the demonstration and he gave a very inspiring speech to the crowds.

Check out our photo’s of the demonstration  below.

Cameron Resign Protest London by Slidely Slideshow

If you’d like to get involved with having your say there are events planned up and down the country Saturday 16 April 2016, just take a look here to get involved.

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Featured image by Hannah Anstee.

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