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Tattoo industry set to fade?

By Adam Hopkin

Despite being done in a studio that holds a worrying resemblance to a hospital in a 3rd world country, or during a “sick time” in Magaluf, some people will swear by their ink. But whilst their “professionally” done sleeve may be timeless the tattoo industry as a whole is starting to fade.

“Tattoo removal is the largest growth sector in cosmetic procedures, not just in the UK but worldwide,” states Dr Tapan Patel, Medical director of PHI Clinic. This is arguably down to being passed off in that big job interview because you thought the stars behind your ear made you look hard, and according to a 2014 study 71% of employers stated tattoos would be enough to not sire someone. Dr Andrew R Timing of the university of ST Andrews tells the Telegraph that the business of tattoo removal “is largely driven” by “employment considerations”.

However In the UK there is expected to be around 20 million people that have gone under the needle and had at least one tattoo. Brits are booking themselves in for an estimated 1.5 million pieces each year, giving the industry a value of £80 million. This could be due to less of a stigma in the workplace and on the streets around owning some ink.

Writer Jesse Borg tells the Huffinton post that its all just a sign of a more open minded culture in the times we live in, “Getting tattoos is more about fitting in by standing out… There may, and probably will come a time when they are just as taboo as before.” 

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Top suits under £100

By Vicki Evans

A suit can easily set you back a few hundred pounds but spending that amount for clothing that you may only wear a few times a year may not be worth it.

A suit is an investment but sometimes the mid-range market can be a more feasible option.

All these suits come under £100 and all you need is a shirt and a tie.

Screenshot 2016-04-21 13.00.37

Debenhams (Thomas Nash) – £99 for trousers and jacket

The classic grey suit is flattering for every occasion and great for summer formal events.

Screenshot 2016-04-21 14.25.57

Topman – £100 for trousers and jacket

Navy blue is a colour that works for most people and is easy to add a little bit of colour in to a otherwise plain suit.

Screenshot 2016-04-21 14.28.42

Burton – £79 for trousers and jacket

A black suit is a classic that works for every occasion. All you need is a black suit and you are set for any event.

Screenshot 2016-04-21 14.30.03

Marks and Spencers – £99

A younger take on the full black with two buttons and a straight leg makes the classic suit more modern and have a youthful feel to it.

Nike, Top Shop, Lacoste and more on SALES 24/7

By Merche Diaz

For your own benefit and your wardrobe’s, we have the perfect solution to get all your summer vibes on!

Our latest discovery on shopping -this time online-, is this little, wonderful page which came to us by chance as a little miracle: ‘Sales Gossip‘.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 20.05.55
Homepage of Sales Gossip -this greatness speaks for itself

As Millennials, people start considering more seriously how and on what should their money be spent on. Whether is better to buy cheap stuff as you go, or wait longer and bit more painfully to save up and renew the wardrobe every season when sales are on.

Well, now thanks to the amazing invention of Internet, online shopping had made things much more flexible. So people get to plan their shopping schedule without necessarily depending on the fashion world’s own agenda. Plus, without being afraid to buy something that will turn out to be very different to what you thought you bought when it arrives to your door.

‘Sales Gossip’ offers a wide variety of world-wide, high-name brands that everyone at some point had wish to had but that aren’t really affordable.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 20.05.41
Brands and sales’ examples of what the page offers

Nothing to be ashamed for, money is hard to earn and easy to spend. But at least now everyone has got a fair chance to get what they want from brands they know they can trust and even better, show off about!

Simply search on the main page for the brands you like or according to what you are looking for, such: trainers, dresses or bags; and after choosing the brand, the next page will tell you where to find the sales, outlet or respective section with the sales they have got to offer.

Happy e-shopping!

Images provided in this story are screenshots from the home page of ‘Sales Gossip’, and the ‘All Shops‘ at the men section, and all credits goes to the store.


Images taken from brands mentioned

MM personal summer collection is here

By Merche Diaz

Quick hint: tropical, minimalistic, pastel colours.

We asked our five unusual, international models to wear three different day-time outfits: casual, work out and night out.

Click on the link to watch our introduction to what is going to be trendy this summer and find out more.

Or also, get our coming launching issue or visit our photographer’s Instagram: @closesttoheavenn, to get a taste of the lush summer we got to offer your.

Turkish barbers, A shave too close?

By Adam Hopkin

Becoming widely known for their seemingly unorthodox methods of hair removal, Turkish Barbers are a far cry from the more feminine techniques of waxing and threading by introducing the manliest element of all, fire. Admittedly the thought of flames going anywhere near my face immediately recall the nightmare that was high school chemistry class, but when carried out with a pair of professional and steady hands a close shave with disaster can be avoided.

The practice of “Singeing” may have originated in Turkey but has been transforming the safety of salons  into the thrill seekers chop shop over recent years. This often involves lighting cotton or a wand soaked in alcohol and then scorching your OAP styled ear protrusions away.

Having had my fill of excitement for the day I opted for a no mess, standard hair cut, besides this was a barbers after all. But after a quick scan of the available cuts they also offered beard trims and tidies with another method determined to resurface, the cut throat razor.

During my brief time inside the shop I managed to see the owner Kaz lather up and cut away a few nose neighbours using the straight cut razor. ” In Turkey we start at a really young age, about 10 or 12″ Kaz explains but his training does more than justify such youthful beginnings. ” Holding the towel takes 2 years, just watching your master cut hair and then very slowly you begin to cut it over 7 years.”

Claiming to offer an “excellent example of Turkish hospitality” in a salon where “east meets west”, the Turkish Barbers Shop on Preston’s Fishergate Hill certainly delivered on all of these promises.  

To see what happened when I headed inside click here or watch the video below.

Video and featured image taken by Adam Hopkin.