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Top suits under £100

By Vicki Evans

A suit can easily set you back a few hundred pounds but spending that amount for clothing that you may only wear a few times a year may not be worth it.

A suit is an investment but sometimes the mid-range market can be a more feasible option.

All these suits come under £100 and all you need is a shirt and a tie.

Screenshot 2016-04-21 13.00.37

Debenhams (Thomas Nash) – £99 for trousers and jacket

The classic grey suit is flattering for every occasion and great for summer formal events.

Screenshot 2016-04-21 14.25.57

Topman – £100 for trousers and jacket

Navy blue is a colour that works for most people and is easy to add a little bit of colour in to a otherwise plain suit.

Screenshot 2016-04-21 14.28.42

Burton – £79 for trousers and jacket

A black suit is a classic that works for every occasion. All you need is a black suit and you are set for any event.

Screenshot 2016-04-21 14.30.03

Marks and Spencers – £99

A younger take on the full black with two buttons and a straight leg makes the classic suit more modern and have a youthful feel to it.


Microsoft to stop producing Xbox 360

By Vicki Evans

On the ten year, I know ten years, of making the Xbox 360 Microsoft has announced that they will no longer be producing the console.

Last year it was announced that the Xbox One is going to be constable with Xbox 360; so the console being discounted  will still mean that the 4,000 360 games are still able to be played.

Xbox Live and all other online features will still continue to work on the old machines and the hardware will still be supported through the sport services.

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, said: “The console became a beloved gaming and entertainment hub with over 78 billion gaming hours played, nearly 486 billion Gamerscore on 27 billion achievements and over 25 billion hours spent in apps over its lifetime.”

An end of an era or the Microsoft trying to focus on one console at a time.  However is making everyone convert to Xbox One a really good idea or a way to up sales on the next gen consoles.

Might be a time to start calling next gen current gen?

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What Women Really Fantasise About

By Vicki Evans

So women watch porn too.

I know right? We were just as shocked as you are.

Apparently 24% of PornHub viewers are female and they have released statistics on what women search for.

Keep in mind that what you fantasise about isn’t necessarily what you want in your actual sex life. So don’t take these statistics as what women really want in their actual bed but more what they want in the bed in their minds.

Dr Lindsey Doe who presents Sexplanations on YouTube clearly states in her video about ’10 things you should know about fantasies’ that fantasy and reality may have overlap but they are generally kept separate.

“Wanting fantasy to become reality is a spectrum, some are over here wanting it all to be real and others wanting it to all be in their heads” as Dr Doe said.

Have a conversation with your partner about your fantasies and what each of you want and have never shared before. Opening up like this will strengthen your relationship and may let each other live out your fantasies.

Moving on to the statistics of what women search for on PornHub:

This is the top categories that women watch around the UK.



This is the top viewed categories by women around the world. Clearly the top percentage is lesbian with a large majority of Africa watching the ebony category.

Hentai or animation is very popular around parts of Asia while there


PronHub’s statistics of July last year about both genders found that women spend 10:25 minutes on PornHub on average compared with 9:34 minutes that men spend. This is the average for each country for women only:


A few more statistics from the Annual Review of last year: 

The top 3 searches in the UK were: Lesbian, Squirt, Step-mom

35.3 is the average age of a PornHub viewer

The top 5 viewers are: The US, UK, India, Canada and Germany.

There was 87,849,731,608 videos watched last year making an average of 12 video per every person in the world.

All diagrams are taken from PornHub statistics:

5 YouTube channels to make you smarter

By Vicki Evans

Most people think that YouTube is good for nothing but teenagers’ vlogging in their bedroom and cat videos but there are a growing number of educational channels that are taking over the YouTube world.

If you want to learn history, how global warming affects you day-to-day life or just something interesting to impress your boss with then we have the videos for you.

Game and Film Theories

Hosted by Mat Pat this is the two channels about the science of your favourite games, films and TV shows. It also includes discussion in to game theory and working out if fan theories are correct.

The style is a voice over from Mat with graphics and images over the top. There is the new Film Theories channel that has been around for a year and this covers TV and film related topics with Game Theories covering game and culture theory.

It covers topics in a very relevant way with a range of topics such as how to win at the Hunger Games to if you could survive an assassin’s creed leap of faith.

Minute Earth and Minute Physics

These two channels are the brain child of Henry Reich and this is the easiest way to have a daily does of science in to your life.

Most of the videos are a minute long and explain complex ideas and scientific theory in easy to manage chunks. This has simplistic art design which mainly involves stick figures and hand drawn art.

This is a must in your subscription box as videos are weekly and explore topical issues and problems. Also exploring some of your biggest questions in science with simplistic answers.

Crash Course

Hosted by Vlogbrothers John and Hank Green and guest stars Phil Plait. These are more lengthly series of videos that dive in to specific topics.

Each series is between 20-40 10 minute long videos and this is to give more scope and complexity to topics that you may not know about. This is more like a class than a bite size video however the hosts and animation keeps your interest over that time.

The channel is four years old and in that time has covered topics like world history, physiology, biology and literature.

CGP Grey

Unlike the other channels that we have talked about CGP Grey is a generalist and talks on a wide variety of subjects from politics, history, science and social theory.

His lengthy one off videos condense topics down and stay interesting though out. The slowed down voice over and animation gives it a relaxed feel whist explaining things in an easy way.

The style of video has changed very little thought the 5 years CGP Grey has been online and has a style that anyone could do themselves.


With over 10 million subscribers Vsaue is one of the most popular channels on this list and is in the top 50 of most subscribed to on YouTube.

Michael Stevens hosts and creates the show and unlike most educational shows on YouTube keeps the vlog style one-to-one approach with Michael on a background with a few images popping up.

The video titles are asked like questions and follow that format with the question you always wanted to know be it what if everyone jumped at once or is the 5-second rule real will be answered at the end of the video.