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Best five free games for smartphones of the month

By Merche Diaz

Millennial Man Magazine brings you our choice of the best five free games of the month for your smartphone, to play on the way to work, on a study break or when visiting the loo.

Just don’t let your legs fall asleep from sitting down for too long!

Featured image under Creative Commons licence: Image source


Nike, Top Shop, Lacoste and more on SALES 24/7

By Merche Diaz

For your own benefit and your wardrobe’s, we have the perfect solution to get all your summer vibes on!

Our latest discovery on shopping -this time online-, is this little, wonderful page which came to us by chance as a little miracle: ‘Sales Gossip‘.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 20.05.55
Homepage of Sales Gossip -this greatness speaks for itself

As Millennials, people start considering more seriously how and on what should their money be spent on. Whether is better to buy cheap stuff as you go, or wait longer and bit more painfully to save up and renew the wardrobe every season when sales are on.

Well, now thanks to the amazing invention of Internet, online shopping had made things much more flexible. So people get to plan their shopping schedule without necessarily depending on the fashion world’s own agenda. Plus, without being afraid to buy something that will turn out to be very different to what you thought you bought when it arrives to your door.

‘Sales Gossip’ offers a wide variety of world-wide, high-name brands that everyone at some point had wish to had but that aren’t really affordable.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 20.05.41
Brands and sales’ examples of what the page offers

Nothing to be ashamed for, money is hard to earn and easy to spend. But at least now everyone has got a fair chance to get what they want from brands they know they can trust and even better, show off about!

Simply search on the main page for the brands you like or according to what you are looking for, such: trainers, dresses or bags; and after choosing the brand, the next page will tell you where to find the sales, outlet or respective section with the sales they have got to offer.

Happy e-shopping!

Images provided in this story are screenshots from the home page of ‘Sales Gossip’, and the ‘All Shops‘ at the men section, and all credits goes to the store.


Images taken from brands mentioned

Syrian basketball team in Germany to play for charity event

By Merche Diaz

Enjoy our intro of Souriana basketball team, their special guest pro player Michael Madanly (top Syrian national player) against ‘All Stars Dusseldorf’ team, as a charity event to support their cause, which is represent Syria (and Syrian refugees) and to deliver the real, positive spirit of their people by doing what they are best at: basketball.

The game will take place on the Saturday 30th at 20:00 in Dusseldorf city.

Photos and video made by Merche Diaz including featured image.

Photo and video editing: the apps you need

By Merche Diaz

Keeping our profiles neat and sharp, and uploading stuff that looks all professional and HD is something we all want to make sure we do right, so to impress and enhance our ordinary daily lives.

Photo and video editing apps are not a secret, yet they may feel incredibly complicated for first-time users (aka: cannot be arsed to).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fear not! Suffer no longer! Behold, here are the highlighted apps that our photographer and designer, use both daily and on assignments:

Photoshop Express (so far, only for iPeople): the great thing about it is that you can edit photos you have either on your phone, computer or tablet without the needing to transfer.

Layout (iTunes+Android+Google Play): best to create a collage that will fit and don’t get cut on Instagram or any other places.

EyeEm (iTunes+Android+Google Play): best filters to get a natural, not overdone final touch. Also, you are able to enter different, weekly contests as well as placing your photos in the ‘market’ to allow companies and organizations to buy them.

Fused (iTunes + Android + Google Play): app that allows you to create new images or videos, out of fusing two different photos/ videos together . Therefore, creates a nice effect of something original and very visual.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Extra tips! For fast edits when you want/ got to post a photo asap go straight to these: saturation (keep to a medium towards minimum) and sharpening (increase this pass medium point, but keeping an eye not to make the photo look granulated).

For quick, snappy videos use either Instagram or Vine. But if you want to edit a video real quick use VivaVideo: which is so far, the easiest app to create, edit and share short films.

Fyuse: (iTunes + Android + Google Play): this one is a bit tricky yet for sure the future of photos. It allows you to take a 3D photo, so when you rotate your phone the picture moves with you (but this effect only works within the app itself). You can export it and still share it on your social media, but it will become a video instead of a 3D photograph.

Featured image was found in Google Images, through Creative Commons under the name ‘iPhone vintage’ and can be found here.

Other images within the post are screenshots taken from my own phone.

MM personal summer collection is here

By Merche Diaz

Quick hint: tropical, minimalistic, pastel colours.

We asked our five unusual, international models to wear three different day-time outfits: casual, work out and night out.

Click on the link to watch our introduction to what is going to be trendy this summer and find out more.

Or also, get our coming launching issue or visit our photographer’s Instagram: @closesttoheavenn, to get a taste of the lush summer we got to offer your.

Low-cost Easter crafts for kids (and children)

By Merche Diaz

Christmas does not feel too long ago when suddenly Easter bunnies start hooping and showing up. The fact is, that you don’t necessarily need to spend money on overpriced chocolate and sweets during Easter.

To keep the younger ones happy and busy at home, or even for yourself if you are away from home or you’d like to decorate your place to keep it themed and cozy.

Encouraging children to create their own crafts and being part of that process, making mistakes and getting final results, not only increases their self-confidence but also develops their imagination and a sense of self-sufficiency.

Before starting off the official Easter egg treasure hunt, here are a few ideas on how to prepare and get ready.

DIY chocolate & Easter eggs:

Homemade chocolate (instead of buying, save up and make it)

How to prepare Easter eggs

Easter egg piñatas

How to make Spanish tortilla (with left over eggs)

DIY wearable crafts:

Bunny ears

Bunny tail

Bunny mask

Bunny ears crown

Easter hat

DIY decorations:

Easter basket

3D paper eggs

Bunny finger puppets

Easter egg nature collages

Hanging cones for the Easter hunt

With these slick ideas, you can help your kids keep the spirit of festivity on in the house while avoiding spending your precious pennies on unnecessary stuff and keep saving for summer holidays or similar. You are welcome.

Ideas courtesy of ‘Kidspot‘ and Spanish Cooking Youtube channel website and all its originals ideas.

Featured image by Marusya21111999 under CCO Public Domain the title is ‘kids’ and can be found here.