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The Future of Millennials in the Workplace

By Muna Adil

The millennial generation is shaking up the world, and the workplace is no different.

Ahead of our cover story in our launch issue (which is all about the unique ways in which millennials are tweaking work culture), here are 6 stats that will change the way you see the future!

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Cultural Appropriation Vs. Appreciation

By Muna Adil

The recent Bob Marley Snapchat filter controversy got us thinking about cultural appropriation… Here are the main arguments for and against the issue. Where do you stand?

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4 Ways to Beat the Blues

By Muna Adil

Being a 20-something isn’t easy in today’s world. Most millennials leave university with stifling student debt, half-baked relationships, and an overwhelming sense of uncertainty about the future. With these circumstances, it’s dangerously easy to fall into feelings of depression and anxiety. Here are the top four ways to help you deal with those negative emotions… 

1. Spread the love. In times of depression, reaching out is crucial. Make sure the friends you spend time with are understanding and supportive, and don’t hesitate to remove toxic people from your social circle. If all else fails, a call to Mum will always make you feel better.

2. Move your body. This may sound clichéd, but exercising really does help. Putting on your workout gear and leaving the house can seem impossible when you’re down, but once you’re past that, let the endorphins do all the hard work. Yeah, science!

3. Peace out. A solid sleep schedule is essential to your mental health. Resist the temptation to watch that next video on YouTube and get some rest instead. Waking up refreshed and energised can help combat feelings of depression and anxiety. Try meditating for a few minutes before you hit the sack for blissful slumber.

4. Go pro. If you feel like you need to, do not hesitate to get in touch with a professional. Never feel ashamed or embarrassed to give your mental wellbeing as much importance as you give your physical health.


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The Sun Trolled on Twitter for Cleavage Contest

By Muna Adil

The Sun got trolled on Wednesday morning for posting a salacious image of a woman’s cleavage on Twitter and encouraging readers to send in their own cleavage shots for a chance to win £1,000 and a free photo shoot.

The response from Twitter was epic.

Watch below:


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5 Easter Breakfast Ideas Designed to Impress

By Muna Adil

1. Egg-in-Toast

This quick breakfast isn’t just visually stunning, it’s also great for your morning protein intake and for when you’re in a rush. A fun twist on the traditional eggs and toast, this is also a neat idea for a surprise breakfast-in-bed for that someone special.

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Source: Original Naked Chef

2. Blueberry Croissant Breakfast Bake

Indulgent and delicious, this is perfect Easter treat for someone with a sweet tooth. This breakfast may take a little longer to cook up, but the heavenly combo of blueberries and buttery croissant is worth every second.

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Source: Tasty

3. Omelette Cups

This is a wonderful idea if you’re hosting a number of people on the morning of Easter Sunday. These omelette cups are small and customisable, perfect to cater to several different preferences.

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Source: Tasty

4. Easter Breakfast Casserole

Are you big on your breakfasts? This recipe is ideal for someone who likes a hearty meal in the morning. With a combo of ingredients like eggs, bacon, cheese, and hash-brown potatoes, this is the perfect mix of all the best things about breakfast.

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Source: Allrecipes

5. Easter Bunny Pancakes

What’s the only way to make pancakes even better? Make them in the shape of a bunny of course! This is an adorable breakfast idea, and it’s definitely going to be a hit if you’ve got kids in the house.

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Source: busvlogger


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