Best five free games for smartphones of the month

By Merche Diaz

Millennial Man Magazine brings you our choice of the best five free games of the month for your smartphone, to play on the way to work, on a study break or when visiting the loo.

Just don’t let your legs fall asleep from sitting down for too long!

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Tattoo industry set to fade?

By Adam Hopkin

Despite being done in a studio that holds a worrying resemblance to a hospital in a 3rd world country, or during a “sick time” in Magaluf, some people will swear by their ink. But whilst their “professionally” done sleeve may be timeless the tattoo industry as a whole is starting to fade.

“Tattoo removal is the largest growth sector in cosmetic procedures, not just in the UK but worldwide,” states Dr Tapan Patel, Medical director of PHI Clinic. This is arguably down to being passed off in that big job interview because you thought the stars behind your ear made you look hard, and according to a 2014 study 71% of employers stated tattoos would be enough to not sire someone. Dr Andrew R Timing of the university of ST Andrews tells the Telegraph that the business of tattoo removal “is largely driven” by “employment considerations”.

However In the UK there is expected to be around 20 million people that have gone under the needle and had at least one tattoo. Brits are booking themselves in for an estimated 1.5 million pieces each year, giving the industry a value of £80 million. This could be due to less of a stigma in the workplace and on the streets around owning some ink.

Writer Jesse Borg tells the Huffinton post that its all just a sign of a more open minded culture in the times we live in, “Getting tattoos is more about fitting in by standing out… There may, and probably will come a time when they are just as taboo as before.” 

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People are getting sick of rainbow food-are you?

By Hannah Anstee

Well you must have had your head under a blanket if you haven’t noticed the latest ‘Rainbow’ food trend that’s taken social media by storm recently.

At first there were bagels.


Then there was trifle.



Then donuts.


Unfortunately things didn’t stop there. Yes, that’s right, that’s rainbow cheese you see.



But then very quickly the internet got tired of it.


And took action.

Are you a rainbow food maker? Is rainbow food here to stay or on it’s way out? What do you think? Let us know by posting your pics and comments on our Twitter feed.


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