Junkyard golf is a hole in one

By Adam Hopkin

Sometimes the bigger questions in life should not be pondered by the noble philosophers and thinkers of the world but by those who ask, “how can crazy golf be made any more crazy?”

For those forward thinking enough to want an answer to that question, you can safely remover your clever caps now.

Junk yard Golf is the pop up phenomenon in Manchester’s Great Northern Warehouse taking the skill and calibre of the elite sport and plunging it into into a world of cocktail induced missed swings, rave music and enough successful Ebay biddings to build a fort and slide (literally).

Dreamt up by B.EAT STREET, the two course and 18 holes are put together with all manors of weird and wonderful objects found in charity shops and Ebay, in what seems like a Frat parties take on art attack. After a short three week run in late 2015 proved to be incredibly popular the course has made its return with the newer second course Gertrude joining the original course Fred.

The second course doesn’t just bring another 9 holes to the party. Its raises the bar with a UV, neon techno-rave room with special appearance from Darth Vader himself, because who else would DJ this scene. 

For me it checked all of the boxes, slides , climbing frames sharks and even a star wars themed hole ingeniously named “Jabba the putt”. As clever as the pun may be, sinking the ball past that smug bastard after using his face to stop your mini golfing progress was almost as satisfying as it was rage inducing.

Of course after a few drinks professionally putting your way around both of the courses is going to take a couple of hours, and with cocktails being available throughout your mini golf career, the junk yard may hold potential for an amazing pre drinks opportunity. Alcohol will do nothing to help those thinking that the junk yard is a quick and easy course either, the first 9 holes tormented me all the way into triple figures, although how far I will never share. 

Featured image sourced from @aalvilss twitter page.


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