What Women Really Fantasise About

By Vicki Evans

So women watch porn too.

I know right? We were just as shocked as you are.

Apparently 24% of PornHub viewers are female and they have released statistics on what women search for.

Keep in mind that what you fantasise about isn’t necessarily what you want in your actual sex life. So don’t take these statistics as what women really want in their actual bed but more what they want in the bed in their minds.

Dr Lindsey Doe who presents Sexplanations on YouTube clearly states in her video about ’10 things you should know about fantasies’ that fantasy and reality may have overlap but they are generally kept separate.

“Wanting fantasy to become reality is a spectrum, some are over here wanting it all to be real and others wanting it to all be in their heads” as Dr Doe said.

Have a conversation with your partner about your fantasies and what each of you want and have never shared before. Opening up like this will strengthen your relationship and may let each other live out your fantasies.

Moving on to the statistics of what women search for on PornHub:

This is the top categories that women watch around the UK.



This is the top viewed categories by women around the world. Clearly the top percentage is lesbian with a large majority of Africa watching the ebony category.

Hentai or animation is very popular around parts of Asia while there


PronHub’s statistics of July last year about both genders found that women spend 10:25 minutes on PornHub on average compared with 9:34 minutes that men spend. This is the average for each country for women only:


A few more statistics from the Annual Review of last year: 

The top 3 searches in the UK were: Lesbian, Squirt, Step-mom

35.3 is the average age of a PornHub viewer

The top 5 viewers are: The US, UK, India, Canada and Germany.

There was 87,849,731,608 videos watched last year making an average of 12 video per every person in the world.

All diagrams are taken from PornHub statistics: http://www.pornhub.com/insights/womens-favorite-searches-worldwide


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