Meet Zach Miko the World’s First Plus Size Male Model

By Hannah Anstee

Check out the ‘Brawn’ Zach Miko, the world’s first plus size male model.  


Zach has just signed to IGM one of the world’s biggest modelling agencies.

Zach told “Being a man of size, I never in a million years imagined that I would be a model.”

There’s a big body positive movement gaining momentum across the globe at the moment and Zach is riding that wave for men.

Zach is 6ft 6 and 19.6 stone, with a 42 inch waist so comes in at a great deal bigger and heavier than traditional male models.

“For a very long time I would refuse to go clothes shopping. I thought I didn’t deserve to get new clothes because I couldn’t buy clothes in my size. I always told myself no I can’t get new trousers until I lose enough weight to fit into this particular size. Men, like women, always aspire to look better.”

Men come in all shapes and sizes and we think it’s about time that this was recognised within the fashion industry, what a great move IGM 🙂

What do you think about plus size models? It’d be great to hear from you on Twitter.

Featured Image and video was made using content from Zach Miko’s Instagram account-with thanks.


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