Do large development teams take advantage for the modding community?

By Adam Hopkin

As one of the more appealing motivations for trading away that gaming console in favour for the pc elitist cap and badge, community made modifications are deeply routed inside gamings history and yet development teams are repeatedly using these “mods” to exploit their own player base.

With development kits giving the player base access to the bare components of a game, they then hold ability to reconstruct and sometimes revolutionise its core aspects, giving way to new textures, game areas and in the case of the popular “Elder scrolls” and “Fallout” series, entirely new stroylines. These projects consume hundreds of hours of a modding teams time and yet it is often a labour of love, leaving them unpaid for their work that is now potentially keeping players active.

aalve software, owners of pc game retailer come “premier online gaming platform”, “Steam” and masterminds behind the hugely recognised ” Valve” game engine have somewhat pioneered what is possible by working with the players.

Describing itself as a “central hub” for player created content the “Steam workshop” is home to millions (yes millions) of modifications, ranging from a new hat for your character or slightly greener grass.

But if creating an entire gaming medium around your audience isn’t enough in 2011 Valve CEO and internet celebrity, Gabe Newell announced that developers could now not only input their creations into games but now charge for their service. This addition of an optional donation to the mods development team has raised a massive £399,900,37.77 between 2011 and january 2015.

Commenting on this leap for creators Newel stated “Our goal is to make modding better for the authors and gamers, if something doesn’t help with that, it will get dumped.” But this is more than just hot air from another company, these claims are supported by Valve’s long history of supporting creators, as some of its most popular titles to date, the”counter strike” and “team fortress”series started out as mods before becoming the face of the company.

Featured image under Creative Commons licence: Source


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