Low-cost Easter crafts for kids (and children)

By Merche Diaz

Christmas does not feel too long ago when suddenly Easter bunnies start hooping and showing up. The fact is, that you don’t necessarily need to spend money on overpriced chocolate and sweets during Easter.

To keep the younger ones happy and busy at home, or even for yourself if you are away from home or you’d like to decorate your place to keep it themed and cozy.

Encouraging children to create their own crafts and being part of that process, making mistakes and getting final results, not only increases their self-confidence but also develops their imagination and a sense of self-sufficiency.

Before starting off the official Easter egg treasure hunt, here are a few ideas on how to prepare and get ready.

DIY chocolate & Easter eggs:

Homemade chocolate (instead of buying, save up and make it)

How to prepare Easter eggs

Easter egg piñatas

How to make Spanish tortilla (with left over eggs)

DIY wearable crafts:

Bunny ears

Bunny tail

Bunny mask

Bunny ears crown

Easter hat

DIY decorations:

Easter basket

3D paper eggs

Bunny finger puppets

Easter egg nature collages

Hanging cones for the Easter hunt

With these slick ideas, you can help your kids keep the spirit of festivity on in the house while avoiding spending your precious pennies on unnecessary stuff and keep saving for summer holidays or similar. You are welcome.

Ideas courtesy of ‘Kidspot‘ and Spanish Cooking Youtube channel website and all its originals ideas.

Featured image by Marusya21111999 under CCO Public Domain the title is ‘kids’ and can be found here.


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