5 Easter Breakfast Ideas Designed to Impress

By Muna Adil

1. Egg-in-Toast

This quick breakfast isn’t just visually stunning, it’s also great for your morning protein intake and for when you’re in a rush. A fun twist on the traditional eggs and toast, this is also a neat idea for a surprise breakfast-in-bed for that someone special.

Our rating: MMM


Source: Original Naked Chef

2. Blueberry Croissant Breakfast Bake

Indulgent and delicious, this is perfect Easter treat for someone with a sweet tooth. This breakfast may take a little longer to cook up, but the heavenly combo of blueberries and buttery croissant is worth every second.

Our rating: MMMM


Source: Tasty

3. Omelette Cups

This is a wonderful idea if you’re hosting a number of people on the morning of Easter Sunday. These omelette cups are small and customisable, perfect to cater to several different preferences.

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Source: Tasty

4. Easter Breakfast Casserole

Are you big on your breakfasts? This recipe is ideal for someone who likes a hearty meal in the morning. With a combo of ingredients like eggs, bacon, cheese, and hash-brown potatoes, this is the perfect mix of all the best things about breakfast.

Our rating: MMMM


Source: Allrecipes

5. Easter Bunny Pancakes

What’s the only way to make pancakes even better? Make them in the shape of a bunny of course! This is an adorable breakfast idea, and it’s definitely going to be a hit if you’ve got kids in the house.

Our rating: MMM


Source: busvlogger


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Image under creative commons licence: Featured image source


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