5 Things We Learned During The International Break

By Sam Bulcock

Following on from England’s two international friendlies this week, here’s 5 things we took away from both matches. Let us know if you agree with our thoughts!


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The Sun Trolled on Twitter for Cleavage Contest

By Muna Adil

The Sun got trolled on Wednesday morning for posting a salacious image of a woman’s cleavage on Twitter and encouraging readers to send in their own cleavage shots for a chance to win £1,000 and a free photo shoot.

The response from Twitter was epic.

Watch below:


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Do large development teams take advantage for the modding community?

By Adam Hopkin

As one of the more appealing motivations for trading away that gaming console in favour for the pc elitist cap and badge, community made modifications are deeply routed inside gamings history and yet development teams are repeatedly using these “mods” to exploit their own player base.

With development kits giving the player base access to the bare components of a game, they then hold ability to reconstruct and sometimes revolutionise its core aspects, giving way to new textures, game areas and in the case of the popular “Elder scrolls” and “Fallout” series, entirely new stroylines. These projects consume hundreds of hours of a modding teams time and yet it is often a labour of love, leaving them unpaid for their work that is now potentially keeping players active.

aalve software, owners of pc game retailer come “premier online gaming platform”, “Steam” and masterminds behind the hugely recognised ” Valve” game engine have somewhat pioneered what is possible by working with the players.

Describing itself as a “central hub” for player created content the “Steam workshop” is home to millions (yes millions) of modifications, ranging from a new hat for your character or slightly greener grass.

But if creating an entire gaming medium around your audience isn’t enough in 2011 Valve CEO and internet celebrity, Gabe Newell announced that developers could now not only input their creations into games but now charge for their service. This addition of an optional donation to the mods development team has raised a massive £399,900,37.77 between 2011 and january 2015.

Commenting on this leap for creators Newel stated “Our goal is to make modding better for the authors and gamers, if something doesn’t help with that, it will get dumped.” But this is more than just hot air from another company, these claims are supported by Valve’s long history of supporting creators, as some of its most popular titles to date, the”counter strike” and “team fortress”series started out as mods before becoming the face of the company.

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5 YouTube channels to make you smarter

By Vicki Evans

Most people think that YouTube is good for nothing but teenagers’ vlogging in their bedroom and cat videos but there are a growing number of educational channels that are taking over the YouTube world.

If you want to learn history, how global warming affects you day-to-day life or just something interesting to impress your boss with then we have the videos for you.

Game and Film Theories

Hosted by Mat Pat this is the two channels about the science of your favourite games, films and TV shows. It also includes discussion in to game theory and working out if fan theories are correct.

The style is a voice over from Mat with graphics and images over the top. There is the new Film Theories channel that has been around for a year and this covers TV and film related topics with Game Theories covering game and culture theory.

It covers topics in a very relevant way with a range of topics such as how to win at the Hunger Games to if you could survive an assassin’s creed leap of faith.

Minute Earth and Minute Physics

These two channels are the brain child of Henry Reich and this is the easiest way to have a daily does of science in to your life.

Most of the videos are a minute long and explain complex ideas and scientific theory in easy to manage chunks. This has simplistic art design which mainly involves stick figures and hand drawn art.

This is a must in your subscription box as videos are weekly and explore topical issues and problems. Also exploring some of your biggest questions in science with simplistic answers.

Crash Course

Hosted by Vlogbrothers John and Hank Green and guest stars Phil Plait. These are more lengthly series of videos that dive in to specific topics.

Each series is between 20-40 10 minute long videos and this is to give more scope and complexity to topics that you may not know about. This is more like a class than a bite size video however the hosts and animation keeps your interest over that time.

The channel is four years old and in that time has covered topics like world history, physiology, biology and literature.

CGP Grey

Unlike the other channels that we have talked about CGP Grey is a generalist and talks on a wide variety of subjects from politics, history, science and social theory.

His lengthy one off videos condense topics down and stay interesting though out. The slowed down voice over and animation gives it a relaxed feel whist explaining things in an easy way.

The style of video has changed very little thought the 5 years CGP Grey has been online and has a style that anyone could do themselves.


With over 10 million subscribers Vsaue is one of the most popular channels on this list and is in the top 50 of most subscribed to on YouTube.

Michael Stevens hosts and creates the show and unlike most educational shows on YouTube keeps the vlog style one-to-one approach with Michael on a background with a few images popping up.

The video titles are asked like questions and follow that format with the question you always wanted to know be it what if everyone jumped at once or is the 5-second rule real will be answered at the end of the video.

Weekend Sporting Round-up

By Sam Bulcock

The Big Story

Roy’s Boys Prevail in Berlin

Roy Hodgson hailed his best moment as England manager on Saturday night after his young side fought back from two goals down against world champions Germany to win 3-2.

For sixty minutes it was all too familiar from England as despite some promising work they found themselves two goals after a swerving Toni Kroos strike was followed up by a powerful Mario Gomez header.

Impressively though the second goal only served to galvanise England even more who pulled a goal back when Harry Kane brought down a Jordan Henderson corner, superbly turned his man and fired home with expert precision.

Nathaniel Clyne then crossed for Jamie Vardy to flick home the goal of the game before Eric Dier powered in another Henderson corner in injury time to seal a famous win.

While the right result is always useful, Hodgson will have been especially pleased with an overall performance full of energy, confidence and skill. Dele Alli continued his remarkable rise to footballs top table with a man of the match display that highlighted his vast array of talents.

The only negative for Hodgson was an injury to Stoke goalkeeper Jack Butland who has suffered a fractured ankle and is set to be out for 3 months.


England Set Up Decisive Day

England’s men’s and women’s cricket teams both booked places in the semi-finals of the World Twenty20 with wins over the weekend.

The men held off a valiant late Sri Lankan charge to eventually win by 10 runs and set-up a match with unbeaten New Zealand on Wednesday in Dehli. Eoin Morgan’s men were largely indebted to Jos Buttler, whose 66 not out came off just 37 balls as Sri Lanka conceded 72 runs off the final 5 overs. Chris Jordan then took 4-28 to condemn the holders to an early exit.

The women had already sealed their progression before they faced Pakistan on Sunday but that didn’t prevent them putting in their best performance of the competition so far. Captain Charlotte Edwards scored an unbeaten 77 as her side thrashed their hapless opponents by 68 runs.

They will play before their male counterparts on Wednesday against current champions Australia.

Cambridge Triumph on Tricky Thames

Cambridge men won their first Boat Race since 2012 after navigating choppy waters on the Thames. They never relinquished an early lead and eventually won comfortably after surviving the difficult conditions.

Cambridge women did not fare so well with the turbulent water and struggled to stay afloat as Oxford women won for the fourth year running.

Blackwell Remains in Hospital

British boxer Nick Blackwell remains in a medically induced coma after his British middleweight title defeat by Chris Eubank Jr. The fighter suffered a bleed on the brain following a brutal encounter on Saturday night.

Blackwell was finally stopped in the tenth round on the advice of a doctor, with large swelling clearly visible above his left eye.

Featured image by Олег Дубина under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic the title is Roy Hodgson Euro 2012 vs Italy and can be found here.

“He said yes” So do we

by Hannah Anstee

‘For your next step’ an advertising campaign featuring a marriage proposal between two men is receiving praise from the gay community for pushing boundaries and challenging stereotypes.

Lloyds Bank is launching a new TV advertising campaign which demonstrates how it gives customers financial confidence to take the next steps in their lives.

Jake Hook, Editor in Chief at The Gay UK told Millenial Man: “The Lloyds Banking group have shown great strength in featuring a same-sex couple amongst a very diverse collage of people. In a time when still so many advertisements feature only opposite sex couples in heteronormative contexts it is truly heartwarming to see gay men represented in a positive and subtle way.”

Catherine Kehoe, Managing Director Group Brands and Marketing, Lloyds Bank said:  “We’ve adopted a contemporary and distinctive approach, focusing on the diverse and sometimes challenging moments in the lives of our customers today.”

Jake Hook also noted:”Of course there is still away to go to ensure all members of the LGBTI community are included in advertising in the UK, but this is a bold and welcome start from one of the UK’s leading brands.”

We think it’s certainly a step in the right direction. What do you think? Let us know on Twitter.

Featured image from Lloyds bank advert

Low-cost Easter crafts for kids (and children)

By Merche Diaz

Christmas does not feel too long ago when suddenly Easter bunnies start hooping and showing up. The fact is, that you don’t necessarily need to spend money on overpriced chocolate and sweets during Easter.

To keep the younger ones happy and busy at home, or even for yourself if you are away from home or you’d like to decorate your place to keep it themed and cozy.

Encouraging children to create their own crafts and being part of that process, making mistakes and getting final results, not only increases their self-confidence but also develops their imagination and a sense of self-sufficiency.

Before starting off the official Easter egg treasure hunt, here are a few ideas on how to prepare and get ready.

DIY chocolate & Easter eggs:

Homemade chocolate (instead of buying, save up and make it)

How to prepare Easter eggs

Easter egg piñatas

How to make Spanish tortilla (with left over eggs)

DIY wearable crafts:

Bunny ears

Bunny tail

Bunny mask

Bunny ears crown

Easter hat

DIY decorations:

Easter basket

3D paper eggs

Bunny finger puppets

Easter egg nature collages

Hanging cones for the Easter hunt

With these slick ideas, you can help your kids keep the spirit of festivity on in the house while avoiding spending your precious pennies on unnecessary stuff and keep saving for summer holidays or similar. You are welcome.

Ideas courtesy of ‘Kidspot‘ and Spanish Cooking Youtube channel website and all its originals ideas.

Featured image by Marusya21111999 under CCO Public Domain the title is ‘kids’ and can be found here.